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“We are a Family Friendly Oriented Enterprise

Agency Founded and Registered in New Zealand 1990

Owner: Emerantia Parnall-Gilbert

Education: University of NSW Australia 1969

Location: Dunedin, New Zealand

About Us - Below find a little more information about us :)

We bid a warm welcome to all our long standing clients/authors, fine friends and many colleagues at Facebook, Linkedin, and Stage 32.


To learn more about the Gilbert Literary & Film Agency (International reach), please do your research first and reserve your final judgments about our Agency, our successes and performance, our strengths and results, and base them upon those facts alone. 

Although we are located in such a far away destination as New Zealand, we enjoy International reach today, and deal with publishers from around the globe on behalf of all our clients. Clients from all over the globe who have come to us for representation. We offer opportunities to authors, who may not have yet been published, but whose work is of the highest standard, showing much promise and potential. We would like to help and assist those ones to make a start somewhere, to be able to confidently build a foundation and enabling them to present and promote all their future projects with the most befitting Publisher. We hope to be instrumental in seeing these aspirations materialize for all of our clients, just as even some of our well-known and 'best selling' authors had their start somewhere. 

Just remember, a well planned and intelligently written script and neat presentation is more likely to impress some of our best Publishing houses. 

We also have authors registered with our agency, who have already been multi-published, and many who need to make their presence yet be known in the literary world. They are individuals from all walks of life, and all manner of successful and high-profile professions, who came to us for our services and representation for their work. We are pleased to be able to offer our best services, and for as long as it may take us to find them the right publisher for their work we will persevere for as long as they want us to pursue this to seeing a successful outcome. 

Simply by visiting our official web pages via the following links, you will be able to learn more about who we really are, what we have to offer, and how we go about it.

The best testimonials and accolades (available upon request) will be from those very authors on whose behalf we secured publishing contracts and to whom satisfaction


We operate as a literary agency under the name of Gilbert Literary and Film Agency, and are also known simply as the Gilbert Literary Agency (a Subsidiary of Hawkspurr Productions). We are resided in Otago, New Zealand. We are keen to promote literary works created by talented writers to receptive Publishers. A large proportion of our clientele-base consists of our American cousins, Latin American, Canadian, Europe, Uk and Ireland, Scotland, European Middle Eastern quarters, Asia Pacific Rim neighbors, as well as Australian and a limited number of New Zealand authors, in that order – which may seem somewhat of an irony considering where we are based.

We are constantly on the lookout for established as well as budding and talented writers aspiring to become first-time published authors, and we consider the Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Stage 32 social medium platforms great forums providing useful tools in their media facilities where we are able to not only make many new friends but are also able to create a good rapport with other business colleagues of many diverse industries. These advantages marketing places area also able to assist writers in particular in achieving their dreams and goals by interacting with many other social networks, book reading groups, and keen readers who are always on the lookout for books to buy.

Indeed, what would we do without all our talented authors and artists involved in our amazing Literary Mediums, Film and Television Media industries, who contribute their devoted creativity to a restless society who are always looking for entertaining escapism. A modern society seeking distraction and a way to escape their respective daily life doldrums (and the best of us have them from time to time) and avail them with a couple of hours of pure bliss of film/television programming to entertain and delight us, or getting themselves tucked up on a cozy couch with a great book.

Some of the myriads of projects that have been presented to us over the decades around the world by both the Literary and the general Media and Entertainment sectors, such as the Film and Television mediums, have been able to offer a diverse variety of diet on pure fantasy and decadence, as well as been able to focus our attention on more serious real life programming and news reporting. News and information which may have led to jolting and pummeling our consciences into action, forcing us into that more difficult process of pondering what is really important in our lives; and as consequence leading us to some close self-analysis questioning how we could help or offer our support and assistance in some way, towards one good cause or another.

I deem it a privilege to be able to interact with and learn something new from all those wonderful and cool sorts on the above-mentioned forums, comprising of friends, old clients and new potential authors from the many diverse backgrounds around the world.

Note: For budding writers who would like to learn more about the Gilbert Literary Agency Editorial Services, as well as the various other book titles listed and presently under review for publication in this last quarter of 2013, and the first quarter of 2014, are most welcome to check out our listings below:-


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SUBMISSIONS: Manuscripts assessments in all Categories and Genres for both Fiction and Non-Fiction are welcome. Sent Your Manuscript Submissions to:

OR Contact us through our online Contact Submissions Form at:

Please ensure that you follow our Manuscript Submissions requirements here:


Emerantia Parnall-Gilbert and Devoted Staff

Some Food for Thought:

"Fear not the unseen, lest you lose your perspective of the reality; guard your own heart and keep intact your integrity in order to strive the best you can be in the absence of hypocrisy and conceitedness; derive to a genuine understanding of your fellow man without judgment or discrimination against the other’s beliefs and opinions; so you can confidently tread into the saintly footprints paving the way to perfection in a distorted and imperfect world!’ And yes! You shall inherit your special place in Paradise!"

Quotable Sentiments by Emerantia Parnall-Gilbert

copyright (C) 2006 Emerantia Parnall-Gilbert 

Thank you for visiting our Site...

By Courtesy of the Gilbert Literary and Film Agency International Team

A Division of Hawkspurr Productions

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