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Hello, and Welcome to our Manuscript Submissions Page!

Important: Please ensure that you check your Spam Folder when you begin your communication with our Agency, or add us to your 'White List'. Also please provide us with two contact emails in case one fails to respond. Below follow our Manuscript Guidelines Requirements instructions to ensure a successful and speedy submissions process outcome.

Email Your Manuscript Submissions to:

OR Alternatively to:

Manuscript Submissions Guidelines - Step One

In order for us to be able to offer a fair assessment on your work when making a submission to our agency please forward us a copy of your full manuscript only. Do not just send us excepts of your work. Please do strictly adhere to our Manuscript Submission requirements as stipulated below or your request will be rejected!

1. Manuscripts - Must be presented to us in a well edited and spell-checked condition. We require your work presentation in Microsoft Word Document format only. Publishers' requirements. Please include a neat Title Page, being the first page of any manuscript (it is surprising that some still overlook that bit), formatted in double spaced presentation for an average sized novel of around 130,000 words comprising of around 450 pages. Anything larger than 130,000 word Count and over 450 pages, please use 1.5 spacing. Use Times New Roman font 12-point, and the text must be in justified setting. Please apply no underscoring anywhere. All manuscripts submitted must be accompanied by a Synopsis.

2. Synopsis of approximately 2 page lengths in 1.5 spacing should provide an clear overview of the overall story line). When composing your Synopsis please list the following details/elements (in reference to your manuscript settings) at the top left hand side corner of your Synopsis - as per example below that portion must be done in single-spacing.

Note: Please remember to include your personal contact details i.e. forwarding address, and phone number, and your date of birth on the main Title page of your manuscript at the top left hand side when you submit your work to us. 

About your Synopsis

Provide a characterization breakdown with your Synopsis/Overview of the work. Please do not present us your Synopsis as part of your main Manuscript. In other words it must be typed on a separate document as are all our samples. 

Synopsis: Title of your Novel/Project

Author: Your Name (and Pen name if you are using one)


Word Count:

Number of Pages:

Line Spacing:

Font/Size: Times New Roman / 12

Note: Please include your personal contact details i.e. forwarding address, and phone number, and your date of birth on the main Title page of your manuscript at the top left hand side when you submit your work to us. Alternatively leave this information in the body of your emailing signature. Please do not send us unedited or badly formatted manuscripts, and follow our Manuscript Guidelines to ensure your work will not be rejected by our system. Ensure that the work has been thoroughly proofread, grammar spell checked and in readiness for representation to Publishers.


All documentation (i.e. files) must have a title - i.e. your name, and name of your project, and the current date on which you submit your documents/ work to us. Abbreviate where possible and keep file name short as possible. 

Please indicate the name of your project in the file name, i.e. abbreviated title of your book (If the Title is a long one), your name, and most importantly ALWAYS put the current date of the day on which you send us your work last. Whether you send a Microsoft Word Document, PDF file, Notepad, Image File, zipped folder, or any file, Please name them properly so we can easily recognize what the file contains, who its from and what date this was sent to us.  

Follow the Example as set out below, whether you are sending a single Word Document, or a Zipped folder containing your manuscript and synopsis, this method applies in all cases. Always try to be very clear and concise with your FILE NAMES - or your work will be rejected by our system:-

HauntedHouse_John Smith_August 10 2012

(Note: Please refrain from using any form of punctuation in files names but underscoring is acceptable).

Use lower case text for the most part but you are allowed to make use capital letter to separate words. Provide the Book's title first, then your name, and the date on which you sent us your documents. This applies to any files/folders/documents/PDF files, Image Files, Notepads or zipped folders. All must be named indicating their contents.

If you fail to follow our suggestions, your Attachments will be returned to sender to you, to make the necessary amendments, sorry. 

Please keep in mind that although we are somewhat overwhelmed with requests these days, we shall endeavor to get back with you as soon as possible. We shall let you know of our decision and advise you of the next step should your submissions be successful. So please bear with us if the processes seem slow to providing a final decision. 

Nothing in today's industry will materialize overnight, and for some authors it may take some time to be placed with a traditional publisher, yet for others it can happen within a relatively short time span. Your patience is appreciated.  

We will confirm receipt of your manuscript upon receiving same.

Our Manuscript Submissions Requirements - Step Two will only apply after a successful application has been processed and a contract has been signed with our Agency for Literary or Film representation.

Step Two will be as follows:

Once your work has been assessed and successfully evaluated, and a 'Contract for Representation' is offered you; a further number of samples will be provided by us, and which will need to be completed by you. It will become part of your 'Author Introduction Portfolio' which we use during the submission processes on your behalf to potential publishers. The following additional samples in addition to the 1) Manuscript and a 2) A one and half pages long Synopsis which you will already have submitted to us at this point, will then be required are as follows:-

3) A Chapter Summary breakdown (around 2 modest paragraphs of around 4 lines per paragraph, per chapter, describing the highlights of each chapter). 

4. Author Biography - Tell us about your background, educational/professional achievements and your aspirations.

5. AIF (Author Information Form)

6. Questionnaire

When you have completed all your samples, we will prepare an Introduction Portfolio for you, and commence with the representation of your work. (Samples for these above-listed requirements will be provided you so keep them somewhere safe and accessible on your computer to serve as an easy-to-follow-reference-guide and example for all your future projects).

Note: Emailed manuscript submissions are preferred, but we also accept CD format. The bulk of our clientele is comprised of international authors from the U.S.A., Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, Brazil, Western European countries, Asian and Middle Eastern continents, Australia and New Zealand in that order. 

Note: When submitting your manuscript to us please remember that your personal contact details are included (i.e. forwarding address, date of birth, home/work/ telephone/ Cell numbers. Remember to put your name and story title on all documentation and files which you submit to us, showing at the top left hand corner of the pages of your documents. This applies to all documentation you sent in as well as the samples you will be providing to us.


Submissions/Editorial Team

Gilbert Literary and Film Agency

Gilbert Literary and Film Agency

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