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The faint hush of a whisper on balmy night air, save, the shrill cry of a distant nocturnal bird is making its presence be known. Soft rustling sounds in undergrowth detected, and up above the illuminated vast expanse of infinite heavens shines and beams their bright starlight upon me…

The Night sky reflects its multitude of celestial traffic lights that sparkle and flicker like an airborne country fair! Unmarred and unspoiled is that curtain of glitter to whence my inner spirit is so irrevocably drawn; as I stand overawed in solitary repose seeking answers...yearn the possibilities…

As if by magic, or by the hand of the celestial powers that be, might extend a band of invisible creatures to raise me up and sweep me away to that otherworldly destination; then know - regrets I shall harbor none should I choose to defect and gladly forfeit my humble shackles to this earthly realm, and its material superficial reality...

…From which no-one could me, sway...

Emerantia Parnall-Gilbert Copyright ©2006 Emerantia Parnall-Gilbert


'Tribute to the Soldier - Wars Past and Present"

A battle scene shouts of chaos and the color of red! The colorful disarray of red-blue 'n brass-buttoned tunics once vibrantly alive, belonged to fathers, sons and lovers; courageous and bold as they marched and bled. Since time immemorial their fond memory and extraordinary deeds echoes of heroes times past, and their restless souls shall remain shrouded in a dim of gun-powdery haze! Yes, even silencing the dead deep within their graves and eternal bed!

Far as the eye could stretch the chaotic medley of abandoned soldier bodies served as mere fodder to the gaping landscape! But their restless spirits still haunt the villages and their cries soar far above the turbulent rivers and plains. Where their plaintive war cries can still be heard by the villagers upon the scented cool night air of early spring! Or, come sundown at the culmination of a hot ‘n steamy and peaceful summer’s day!  

Or, when the leaves fall into the arms of Mother Earth in autumn, you can hear them wailing; their ghostly presence silhouetted starkly against the gray blackened night sky. You can see them racing up ahead of the driven clouds upon powerful steeds in the dead of night, whipped up by a raging winter's gale! 

So many a floral reef have been laid, and heart-rending stories regaled by the reassuring warmth of a safe and cozy hearth; indeed t’was a favorite tale! But the color of blood-stained earth can never be erased! Nor, can its bloody history be wrought to its former glorious and noble stand! Owing to man’s blood-guilt and all-consuming hatred, depicting hellish scenes of a medley of rotting bodies that had fallen where they were slain. Forever reminding one of a crazy-paving design portrayed upon the canvas by the hand of the Artist's palette.

Haphazardly bestrewn they lay about at obtuse angles here there, to and fro in the throws of insanity, anguish and much pain. As they relinquished their uniquely precious lives in the unselfish act of heated battle together with their brotherly comrades, as the fought side by side. In the name of all things timely and honorable, integrity and preservation; indeed t’was their patriotic fight for freedom…for all of human kind.

A formidable sacrifice in hindsight, if measured against the extravagance of a costly and harrowing warring tide. Or the hellish scenes depicted of soldiers raggedly sprawled atop one and another in an attempt to foil their mates, against certain imminent threat. A selfless commitment to that one last noble act, their torsos lay limbless or headless frozen in time and eerie repose. Thrown upside down against the sloping muddied banks like lifeless rag dolls, unceremoniously burned and charred beyond any reasonable human recall! 

Or, further afield a pair of black knee-high boots, one stands at attention forlornly vacated, the other lay tossed aside. The severed blooded stumps still attached that once represented dapper patriotic marching legs!

The memory of those foolhardy warriors filled with much bravado and might, shall e’r remain indelibly intact and

be honorably admired with an over-riding pride! From the very depth of hearts and discerning minds many voices shall continue to hum and sing their hymns and offer their well-deserved praises! 

They shall salute them. and celebrate their extraordinary acts of bravery! Indeed, their fond memory shall be commemorated come every commemorative birthday with wondrous awe and solemn reverie. These brave and mighty warriors of an era long since past, whose bodies and fighting spirit once covered these green luscious fields with their sweat 'n bloody toil, now stands erected a grand memorial site to offer some respite to all and the generations of families since passed. So that their precious souls shall live on into perpetuity from Spring unto the Fall and from generation to generation. 

There golden daffodils now flourish and blossoms can be had; without a hint of malice nor resentment untoward or bitterness and hatred against the enemy's recall of the carnage left behind, upon those vast and stretching warring planes they shall be remembered. Indeed, may their fond memory long be preserved for healing to those that were left behind, and that their heroic deeds of sacrifice may never be dampened nor diminished; lest their spilled blood be forgotten and their memories be left in vain...

Copyright ©2006 Emerantia Parnall-Gilbert


Religious addictions and social afflictions still thrives unto this day.

Enter Churches, Confessional cubicles, pretentious piousness on display!

Attend 'High Mass' come Sundays, should be a cracker fun day. but Mondays feeling deprived.

Comes Tuesday and Wednesday designated Pub days; Thursday's they swear at their mates!

Come Friday's a fish day and abstinence from meat day always poses quite a feat, as that nagging

temptation invariably strikes for that sinful medium rare Filet mignon treat...

Then they yield comes Saturdays, which means boozing at nightclubs, behaving badly

and playing the field! Fear-filled Sunday's comes round again and that disturbing sermon

all sinners dread‘...'cause there’s nowhere to hide from God’s all seeing Face!'

Indiscretions re-tallied of every previous week, down in the workplace, at home or at school...

Where they'll habitually lie and cheat!

But here in this place THE JUDGE rules...delivers THE LAW , and where His angels crank up the HEAT!

Copyright ©2006 Emerantia Parnall-Gilbert

A Division of Hawkspurr Productions

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